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BSG Command Systems Ltd
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A robust, resilient highly visible – iSCOPE Sector Command station
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BSG Command Systems Ltd

BSG Commands Systems Ltd

BSG Command Systems Ltd is primarily a Fire and Crisis Management Consultancy and Technology Company focused on vastly improving the outcome of major physical crises. The Company acts as a major developer for cutting edge technology and also operate an agency to provide top-crisis management experts for consultancy and training needs.

The Company’s proprietary IT solution –titled: iSCOPE seeks to assist private and government agencies to improve conflicting priorities that frequently arise within specific sectors at the scene of major incidents. This has the technology to incorporate and maximize ‘back office’, existing legacy IT systems within organizations.

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BSG Command – A Centre for Sector Command Excellence

The newly developing BSG Command Systems iSCOPE will become a thriving network of clients and other senior crisis management personnel. Endorsements by recognized experts, a high-profile presence in industry associations and publications, and active public relations efforts will keep the Company and iSCOPE™ at the fore front of supporting and improving international businesses and government actions. Important distribution leverage has been gained through forming close alliances with key, major crisis management and consulting and technology firms already serving the industry. Key example is: 3Ci Global Solutions UK Ltd and USA LLC.

BSG Command Systems Ltd is therefore in a unique position to leverage our strategic partners to maximize focus and efforts in each channel as we move forward without fear of spreading resources to thin and dilute our focus of assisting our clients to their maximum betterment.


Improving Sector Management Safety and emergency response. The System that ensures Incident Sector Command - Organized Protected Environments

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BSG created a totally new system for managing those critical parts of emergency incidents where the need for SECTORING parts of the scene is paramount to maintaining good control of personnel safety.

Applying safer ways of working however should not be at the cost of risking more lives or property to fatal consequences nor hindering or slowing down the efficiency of any emergency teams’ response.

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